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A Soft and Pretty Burnt Orange and Rust Valentine’s Day Makeup ft YSL Beauty

Feb 4, 2022

A Soft and Pretty Burnt Orange and Rust Valentine’s Day Makeup ft YSL Beauty

//This post is created in collaboration with YSL Beauty & Shopstyle Collective//

Good morning everyone! Today, I want to show you how to create a very soft and pretty Valentine’s Day makeup look using my favorite burnt orange and rust shades. Though these particular colors may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of romantic makeup, I personally think they look very beautiful and elegant when paired together, but do let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear your opinion!

To create this look, I used my Holy Grail favorites from YSL Beauty. If you follow me on the regular, I’m sure you’ll recognize more than a few because I simply can’t stop talking about them, but there are a few new additions I am excited to share with you.


For me, every makeup look starts with the perfect base. If you haven’t tried the new NU BARE LOOK TINT from YSL Beauty, I highly recommend it! It’s not like any other face tint I’ve ever tried. Although it is light to medium coverage, it does a great job covering imperfections and redness, but what I particularly love is the finish. To describe it, I would say that it creates a natural-looking glow that’s not dewy or shiny (I have combination skin, so I am not a fan of super dewy finishes). The kind of glow your skin would have naturally, so it doesn’t not look like you’re wearing heavy makeup. I used shade number 6 (light with cool undertones).

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After that, I used my TOUCHE ÉCLAT ALL-OVER BRIGHTENING PEN right under my eyes and on the corners of my lips (a neat little trick if you want to lift the corners of your mouth). This has been my go-to concealer for years, and I haven’t found anything that works remotely the same! I love the coverage and I love the natural glow it adds to the skin. I used shade 2.5 Luminous Vanilla (for fair to light complexions with warm undertones).

I have a little secret to share with you guys… I don’t always wear blush or bronzer. Allow me to explain. Typically, I like to pick a single focal point, in this case it’s the eyes, and keep the rest of the face a bit more understated. The NU BARE LOOK TINT has already added a beautiful glow to my skin, so I opted out blush or bronzer, and added a bit more glow to the high points of my face with TOUCHE ÉCLAT 3D ALL OVER GLOW POWDER.

The TOUCHE ÉCLAT 3D ALL OVER GLOW POWDER is a rather new discovery for me, and it’s unlike any highlighting powder I’ve ever tried. It’s not sparkly or shimmery, it does not emphasize texture, and it gives the most magical kind of glow to the face. Most importantly, it looks beautiful and natural in real life.



I wanted the eyes to be the focal point of this look, so I applied SATIN CRUSH MONO EYESHADOW in a shade 05 Radical Rust – a gorgeous burgundy/rust color on my upper lid and under the lower lash line. I like a slightly elongated eye shape, so I extended the shadow beyond the corner of the eye and winged it out towards the brow. This technique helps to visually lift the eye and create an illusion of the cat-eye shape. Next, I applied SEQUIN CRUSH MONO EYESHADOW in a shade 6 Confident Nude – a beautiful shimmering burnt orange shade on my lower lash line and inner corners of the eye (I extended a bit beyond the inner corner, I would say 1/3 of the eye) to add dimension and sparkle to this eye look. I finished the eye makeup with 2 coats of RADICAL VOLUMIZING MASCARA.

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I wanted to finish this look with soft, glossy lips, so I used ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE LIPSTICK BALM in shade 153 Rose Dentelle over a nude lip pencil. I am a big fan of soft pinks in general, but this particular shade is just beyond stunning! Soft and pretty, it adds that perfect pop of color to your lips that looks gorgeous during the day or at night. If you haven’t tried the ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE LIPSTICK BALM yet, I highly recommend it! The formula is incredibly comfortable to wear (it’s not sticky at all, which I love), and it’s super moisturizing, so your lips feel nice and hydrated. I have a few different shades and I keep adding more to my collection because I love how it makes my lips look and feel.

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BTW, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, YSL Beauty is offering 20% OFF your purchase with code YSLLOVE2 from 02.04.22 – 02.07.22, a Gift with A Purchase on $100+ orders & complementary engraving for a perfect personalized Valentine’s Day gift!

As you may have noticed, I got my ROUGE VOLUPTÉ SHINE LIPSTICK BALM  & LIBRE EAU DE PARFUM engraved, and I think the engraving definitely adds a beautiful personal touch that makes a gift even more special.

Special thank you to YSL Beauty and ShopStyle for partnering with me on this post!