January 27, 2023


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Easy & Super Chic Date Night Look

Here’s my personal recipe for a super chic date night look: a flirty top, black jeans or leather pants, and statement heels. I’ve worn a variation of this look for the entirety of my 15-year marriage and it never failed me once. Love this combo because it makes a statement without trying too hard, it’s definitely dressy yet there is a certain kind of ease about it.

Speaking of jeans and leather pants… The faux patent leather pants I am wearing in this post are a solid favorite at the moment. They dress down rather well when I wear them with an oversized shirt and a blazer, but when I pair them with an evening top, they take on a dressier persona.

Statement heels are my staple, obsession and pièce due résistance! I often say that I style my looks around shoes and to be completely honest with you, it’s true 80% of the time. I love bright, embellished, bold heels especially paired with all-black looks.

Feathers are in this season and I love it! This top in particular is a wonderful example of how a few carefully placed feathers can transform an otherwise rather simple crop top. By the way, it also looks amazing with simple blue denim!

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