January 31, 2023


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My Dream Couch – Mario Bellini Iconic Sofa

My husband and I had our eye on Maria Bellini sofa for quite some time now. Something about this sleek iconic design, the modern look and versatility felt right for our home, and although we were considering a few different options, at the end we kept coming back to this one.

Looks aside, what we love about the Mario Bellini sofa elements is the fact that they can be used apart from each other, or combined together for endless flexible combinations. Since we entertain quite a bit this works very well for us because we’re able to restyle the pieces around the room for maximum seating options.

Though we considered a few different combinations, in the end we settled on the Right Armrest, the Middle Module and the Ottoman. We also took some time deciding which fabric to go with. Eternity Modern offers a variety of beautiful fabrics and colors (I personally love the pearl boucle and sterling velvet) but since the couch sits in a pretty high-traffic area, we decided to go with vintage leather in brown because of it’s durability and easy up-keep.

Right now, we are planning to add a few more pieces like the Left Armrest and another Ottoman, so I will keep you updated on our progress and the final look, but I am so excited the way the couch fits into our space I just couldn’t wait to share it with you guys! What do you think, by the way? Would love to get your thoughts!

As always, added my outfit details + the couch links to my SHOP INSTAGRAM page, so CLICK HERE to shop!

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