January 31, 2023


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Our New Dining Room – New Dinnerware, Pillows & More

Hey Guys, just wanted to share a few images of our updated dining room. Edward and I love minimalistic, functional spaces, and Scandinavian decor is definitely something we draw a lot of inspiration from. We both favor minimalist color palette, modern furniture and mixed textures.

I was very fond of our old dinnerware, but we used to have a rustic wooden table and so we chose cream, textured dinnerware which looked rather striking against the dark wood. However, it didn’t work quite as well on our new marble table, so we decided it was time for an update. We found these plates at Walmart, Gap just launched their Home collection with them, and these plates are part of it! Originally, I though about getting just the white dinnerware (love how simple and minimalist it is) but the blue was just so striking… Now, I am very glad I got both, because I love the way they look mixed together.

We also added a few floor cushions (I kind of like to use them as a foot stool) and toss pillows in various shades of blue to add a bit of color to our room.

I think we’ll tackle our living room next (loving the toss pillows below) and of course I’ll be sure to share our progress with you guys!

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